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How to Pick a Winning Horse
on Race Day

Sunbet, the official sports betting partner of the Sun Met celebrated with Mumm, is proud to announce that its second consecutive year of partnership will offer even more betting convenience than before.

The introduction of additional cash betting terminals is set to match the fervour of the prestigious horse-racing event with betting offered on the day's races as well as a wide variety of sporting events that range from Sevens Rugby to International Cricket Tests.

Racing enthusiasts and fashion trailblazers are invited to place their bets at one of the many cash betting terminals that offer rapid payouts, knowledgeable staff and exceptional odds.

How to pick your winner

Before you make that all-important wager on your horse of choice, take into consideration that you're placing money on a sentient being, a very temperamental one at that. Even the most well laid plans can come undone if the combination of horse and jockey isn't compatible.

So, how exactly do you pick your winner? You could rely on your gut feeling, pick a lucky number, you may even favour a horse's name (strange names are used to get around rules dictating that no professional thoroughbreds have the same name) or you could simply do your due diligence. If you prefer the latter, you'll have to look at the horse's previous form – most of the horses that are set to run in the Sun Met also ran in the Durban July so you'll be able to determine how these horses perform in a high-stake race.

There are also various form, prediction and stats websites where you'll have access to more information that could assist you in making an informed choice about both the horse and the jockey.

Have you taken a liking to a particular horse but you're discouraged by its odds? Don't let that stop you from betting as the last three winners of the Sun Met won at unlikely odds.


Whisky Baron won at odds of 5/1


Smart Call won at odds of 12/1


Futura won at odds of 5/2

How to bet with Sunbet

To place a bet with Sunbet, simply register an account and FICA your account by submitting a copy of your ID and proof of residence not older than 3 months.

Whether you're attending the race or lounging on the beach, placing your bet with Sunbet can be done in a number of convenient ways: you could utilise our mobile-friendly website to place an online bet or you could phone your bet in using tele-betting.

The traditional method of placing bets at a physical outlet is also available to our Gauteng and Western Cape punters who can do so at Time Square Casino, Carnival City as well as Golden Valley Casino and GrandWest Casino.

A variety of horse racing bets on offer

Once you've decided on your favourite horse, you'll be confronted with a vast amount of different bets to choose from. It may seem intimidating at first but, once you've got the knack of it, you certainly won't look back.

The most common horse racing bets are:


Bet on your selected horse to win its race.


Bet on your selected horse to finish in one of the top three places, this includes first place.

Each Way

This bet consists of two separate bets, a Win and Place bet with each part of this bet having the exact same stake. If your selection finishes first, you are entitled to collect both the Win and Place payouts. If your selection finished second or third, you'll only be entitled to collect the Place payout.


A Double requires you to predict the winner of any two races. The winning of the first leg are then wagered on the second leg. Both legs, i.e. the first and second prediction, need to win for a payout.

Treble & Accumulator

A Treble is a combination of three selections, with the payout from the first selection staked on the second selection and the payout from the second selection staked on the third selection. All three selections must win for the whole bet to win. An Accumulator has more than three legs and follows the same premise as a Treble.

Place Accumulator

This bet offers great value as you're given the opportunity of selecting a single horse or multiple horses to run a place in EACH of the seven races that comprise the Place Accumulator (legs 1 to 7). The value of this bet lies in the fact that your multiple selections in one specific race might place thus increasing the payout.


This bet allows you to pick two horse that you think will place. You'll receive a payout if your favoured horse finishes first and second; first and third; or second and third. There will be no payout if your selections are involved in a dead heat* for third place.
*A dead heat is a tie between two or, rarely, more horses in a race for a win or placing


Predict which horses will finish first and second in the exact order. There are three different versions of an Exacta:

  1. Single: Choose one horse to finish first and one horse to finish second.
  2. Perm: Choose any number of horses to finish first and to finish second.
  3. Box: Choose two or more horses. You'll receive a payout if the horses chosen include the first and second finishers

This bet requires you to select the first, second and third horses in their exact order of finish in a single race.
There are four different Trifecta bets: Single, Multi, Float and Box. This also applies to the QUARTET although it expands to four places:

  1. Single: This is explained under Trifecta.
  2. Multi: This entails choosing multiple horses, from which one of your selections needs to finish first place, choosing multiple horses from which one needs to be placed second and picking multiple horses from which one needs to finish in third place.
  3. Float: This bet requires that you select multiple horses to finish in any of the top three positions, your first selection is the Floating Banker and needs to place, from the rest of your selection any two horses need to place in any order.
  4. Box: This entails picking multiple horses, where ANY three of the selections need to finish in any of the top three places.

This bet involves selecting the first four horses past the post in the exact order. It's more difficult than the Trifecta but pays higher dividends.

Pick 6

Select the winners of all six races that comprise the Pick 6 (Legs 1 to 6); this particular bet rewards winners handsomely. Multiple horses can be selected in each of the six races.


Select the winners of all four races that comprise the Jackpot (Legs 1 to 4). Multiple horses can be selected in each of the four races.

All to Come Bet

This bet entails you picking one specific horse to win or place in multiple races (2 to 6 races) on the same day at the same meeting.
Bear in mind that if any of the legs do not result in a win, then there will be no payout.

Now, place your bets…

Sunbet will have nine general access cash betting terminals located throughout the public area as well as a number of terminals located at the GrandWest marquee, the Sun Met marquee and the G.H. Mumm marquee.